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Build Your Wealth

The next chapter of your story matters the most. Start building a solid future with expert guidance and smart strategies to take your financial potential to exactly where it needs to be.

Enjoy Your Wealth

The way you live your final chapter is the way you will be remembered. Enjoy your wealth wisely and make it work for you by gaining the most from your retirement and investing wisely in your family.

Who We Serve

Tailored Solutions for Every Budget


Whether you're just starting your journey or looking to secure your family's financial future, our comprehensive services are tailored to meet your unique needs.


Let us guide you towards a worry-free retirement, where financial security and peace of mind are at the forefront of our expert advice.


From wealth management to retirement planning, our personalized approach ensures that you can navigate your financial future and embrace the independence you deserve.

LGBTQ+ Community

Our commitment to diversity drives us to provide tailored financial solutions that address your specific needs and aspirations with utmost respect and inclusivity.

Business Owners

We'll work alongside you to optimize your financial position, protect your business assets, and ensure a successful future for your enterprise it continues to expand.

Expertise and Passion for Your Financial Success

We are an experienced team of financial advisors. But what’s more important is that we really believe in talking about money in a simple, non-complicated manner and making sure we create a financial plan that works for you immediately.

Shari Rash: Founder of Greenway Wealth Advisory

An Independent Fiduciary Financial Advisor that Makes Money Simple

After years working for financial firms, I saw many advisors doing the same old, offering canned solutions and putting their interests before their clients. I launched Greenway Wealth Advisory with the intention of being different. My mission is to make money uncomplicated.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It

Listen to Some of Our Delighted Clients

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Find a Local Fiduciary Financial Advisor in Charleston and Mount Pleasant, SC

If face-to-face sessions are your thing, then let's meet to work on your finances in person. Visit us in Charleston or Mount Pleasant, SC, and let's get started on your action plan.

Prefer Remote Advice?

The past couple of years have shown us that technology, in some ways, can make life a lot easier. I want you to be comfortable when we meet. I want you to feel relaxed.

I enjoy seeing your kids in the background (and you may hear mine at times!) – that’s life! At Greenway Wealth Advisory, we believe life and money should not be treated separately. So, let’s talk.

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